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How to Use LinkedIn for Finding the Right Job for You

how to use LinkedIn for job search

You can either look for a job using the search field on the top of LinkedIn’s homepage or you can access the jobs page where you can search and apply for different jobs. Millions of jobs are posted on LinkedIn regularly, so you must be able to find the right job postings that fit your requirements and expectations. Here, we are discussing a few tips to find jobs using LinkedIn.

It is no secret that LinkedIn is the top professional social networking website, reaching over 200 countries and territories across the world. LinkedIn has more than 630 million users, with over 303 million active users every month. Find out some effective and proven strategy to make your LinkedIn profile perfect and for searching for a job using LinkedIn in 2020.

Current LinkedIn Statistics 2020

  1. Currently, LinkedIn has more than 690 million members in 200 countries and regions across the world.
  2. This network has around 303 million active monthly users, about 40% of which visit the website daily
  3. 50 million-plus companies listed on LinkedIn
  4. 20 million-plus open jobs on LinkedIn jobs
  5. 36K skills listed
  6. 90 million-plus open jobs on LinkedIn jobs
  7. 57% of companies had a LinkedIn company page in the year 2013
  8. 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn
  9. 46% of the total social media traffic to B2B company sites comes from LinkedIn
  10. 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution medium

Job seekers know it is important to add a professional-looking and recent photo to their profile. But did you know that not posting a photo may avoid recruiters from finding your LinkedIn profile during a job search?

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a social network for job-seeking people- or even if you are not looking for one currently. Ninety-two percent of recruiters make use of social media in their work these days, and LinkedIn is the one social media channel that they use the most.

And yet, many job seekers do not take advantage of LinkedIn to help them find jobs. Instead, they post their resume and hope the right company to find them. Intensifying the issue: Some experts in their mid 40’s and above may not be as social media experts as younger colleagues and do not know how to leverage LinkedIn.

Tips to Find Jobs Using LinkedIn

Present yourself with great stories

One of the important tips to find jobs using LinkedIn is to present yourself interestingly. Hiring managers and recruiters are just like anyone else- they respond to story-telling instead of mind-numbing lists of different facts. Also, research shows that stories can build memories. So, telling a good and interesting story or two in your LinkedIn profile could help recruiters keep your profile in mind.

Example-  For every job that you post on your profile, do not just state your roles and responsibilities. Build an interesting story about the success you achieved in the job. Most important, define the issues and how you solved them, mainly if you came up with different creative solutions to significant challenges. Keep your story succinct; a long yarn could be a turnoff to the busy recruiters.

Why should you use LinkedIn for job search?

It is not surprising that LinkedIn is the topmost professional social networking site with around 133 million users in the U.S. alone and it is reaching 200 countries and territories across the world. As per the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, about 87 percent of recruiters make use of Linkedin as a part of their candidate search. As a professional or a student, it is a great place to network and search for job opportunities.

Use LinkedIn for searching a job

The problem is that if you are updating your profile now and then, you are not using all the things that LinkedIn can do for you, which includes taking hours off of your job search. Here are some tactical tips to find using LinkedIn. These tips will help you to expand your professional network and help you find your next job.

  1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date
  2. Be inclusive about the current skills and objectives
  3. Highlight your recent experience

When asked what was most important about the profile of a candidate and how to make maximum use of the platform, experts respond saying that the first and the most important thing required is “authenticity.”

Always be yourself, represent your true personality. It is not just your experiences; this is not your CV… This is a more dynamic approach to showing your experiences, your objectives, skills, what interests you, and what you know within a professional limit. It is not about the comprehensiveness, it is about the freshness of the info, and the more complete and the fresher, the more recent that the information has been updated, the more prospects that are going to add to our members.

Focus on where you are going compared to where you have been

Experts at mid-career are often looking to reinvent themselves after several years of working in a certain type of industry or job. But too often, their LinkedIn profiles reflect where they have been. Rather, focus your profile on where you want to go.

Find your ideal job, then build your profile around those, experts advise. For instance, while it is tempting to list millions of skills from all your years of experience, focus on things that are relevant to the job that you are seeking. And by all means, remove skills that you no longer want to utilize in a job.

Keep your profile fresh

Another one in the list of tips to find jobs using LinkedIn is to keep your profile fresh and updated. A LinkedIn profile must be a “living, breathing document” that represents what makes you “special and worth hiring.” One of the methods to keep your profile alive is to share updates on topics related to your field daily, just like how you share updates on Facebook.

Posting long-form content, like LinkedIn blog posts, is “another method to catch the attention of a recruiter. You can “share thought leadership suggestions, insights on the day’s top stories, and industry trends to strengthen your experience.

searching a job using LinkedIn

Keep your profile updated. LinkedIn members with a profile picture are 14 times more likely to get page views, while those who post skills are 13 times likely to have profile views when compared to those who do not, as per LinkedIn’s blog. There are over 45,000 skills to select from on LinkedIn to build up your profile, so if you want somebody notices you, ensure to update your profile regularly, add a profile picture, and include your important skills.

Be inclusive about your current objectives and skills

To make sure that you are using LinkedIn to find a job perfectly, do not leave anything out about your objectives and current skills. Make use of your headline to share your main objective if it makes sense. Ensure all your skills are added to your page. Recruiters should not feel as if you have not updated your page in a while, as companies and recruiters might ignore your profile.

Highlight your recent experience

You want to show your recent experience to those who visit your page, mainly when you are engaging with companies and connections to get a job- which is the reason you are probably reading this post.

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