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As far as job searches are concerned, we rarely hear of job search tools. On the contrary, there are dozens of productivity tools. But that does not mean job search tools do not exist. There are many tools available online, specially designed to give you an edge over your competition in the job marketplace. You need to find the best job search tools to accelerate the online job search, automate repetitive activities, focus on different high-value opportunities, and handle the entire workflow.

Here is a list of the most innovative job search tools that will help you to succeed in your job search.

11 Best Job Search Tools

LinkedIn- One of the important rules of the digital job search is to be online. There are a few job search tools that do it better than LinkedIn. The “Let recruiters know you are open” feature is specially designed for the passive job search. LinkedIn is one of the top job search engines using which you can find your dream job easily.  

Switching this feature to “on” shows recruiters that you are open to being contacted in private about new opportunities. You can access this feature by clicking the option, “Me” in the navigation bar, choosing “View Profile”, and then choosing “Career interests” in “Your Dashboard.” But always keep in mind to treat LinkedIn like a friend to your resume, rather than a substitute.

Branded. me- Apart from a standard resume, it is important to have a good online presence. Consider this job search tool as WordPress, but they only do personal sites using which users brand themselves effectively. To make it simple, this platform automatically extracts data from your LinkedIn and uses it to populate your website. There are various designs you could select from to reflect your branding in the best manner. Each of them would appear equally attractive on mobile devices. It is one of the best job search tools to show your work experience, skills, personality, and more importantly, your portfolio.

Hired- Unlike several traditional online career-placement tools, Hired offers compensation figures upfront. This saves the time of the applicant from interviewing for positions that do not meet salary expectations. Not only this tool is hundred percent free, but it also offers you a bonus once you get the job.

Jobscan- Many companies use this applicant tracking system to filter out job seekers who do not meet their criteria. This is one of the best places to search for jobs. Provided that your resume is the only item up for digital review, what you write on it will, whatever you mention on it will make or break it. Using the similar technology that resume screeners are built on, experts analyze any job description keywords against your resume and tells you the things that are missing. It even breaks them into soft and hard skills, matching not just the presence of a keyword but also the number of occurrences for each.  Knowing these keywords lets you optimize your resume with the right type and number of keywords and ensures you rank high in any applicant tracking system.

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Company and Salary pages- This is another best place to search for jobs. If you want to work for a certain company, you can often find information about openings and salaries on the company’s website. Another one in the list of best job search tools is a salary website. These sites allow people to look for a job’s salary expectations in their specific area.

One of the important job search tips that will guarantee you the best job that pays you well is to browse company websites. Company websites are one of the useful job search tools that offer candidates information right from the source. There are a few companies that have a specific page dedicated to new job openings and employment opportunities.

Indeed salaries let candidates look for a position’s average salary expectations as it is related to state and local economies.  Further, individuals can compare salaries for the same position in various areas to find the best places to search for a job.

MyPerfect Resume- Even in the digital world, the resume is still one of the most important assets in a jobseeker’s portfolio. It is the best job search tool for getting past the ATS and for having a real conversation with the hiring managers. It shows upfront that you are the right match and helps you reach such a position that you will be selected, rather than being dismissed. And it tells a comprehensive story of your career, and how it makes you the right fit for the role.

But writing a personalized resume can be a daunting task. MyPerfectResume makes it simple to make a customized resume that can put your experiences, skills, and qualifications in front. Users can get the step-by-step guidance they require, from writing every section of a resume to up-to-the-minute resume templates as well as examples that cover every single job category.

Jobma- What if you have to go beyond a resume to emphasize your qualities? You could visit the website of JobMa. It is a simple job search platform that helps you to build and refer to video resumes online. Videos make it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to measure if you are the right fit. Not only will you be able to articulate your work experience and skills, your creativity and personality will also shine.

Switch- Switch was designed for digital and tech media experts to connect with hiring managers privately. Since then, it has grown but retains its focus on carefully connecting urban experts and digital businesses. Often defined as the “Tinder of online job search tools”, Switch is a mobile app that indeed operates using a swipe left/swipe right interface. “Switchers” create a professional profile and upload their curriculum vitae, then get job recommendations which they can pass or pursue on with a simple swipe. With the right swipe, you can send notifications and your professional profile to the recruiter. If there is a mutual interest, then a chat window opens and the two of you can start a conversation.

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TopResume- Top job search engines let you find the right job, but a professional resume is equally important. In addition to creating resumes, TopResume offers several free job-free search tools for candidates, from resume samples and worksheets to personal branding checklists along with resume reviews. Just upload your resume and you will obtain feedback on your resume layout, language, and how your resume conveys your expertise and skills. You will also attain personalized recommendations on how to make your resume stand out. It could not be simpler.

Virtual Vocations- The number one telecommute-only job board online has solutions for those job-seekers who are budget-conscious. Registering for a Virtual Vocation account is free of cost and they post free telecommuting job leads each week and highlight them on their blog.

LinkUp- Would you even think of sending an old-fashioned resume to an employer whom you want to impress? Job boards do not think the same manner about any specific job posting jobseekers sees on their websites. They might care less whether it is updated, accurate, or even legitimate. Yet employers care and want to impress the job seekers. So, what is the best solution? Visit the company website.

LinkUp collects updated, validated job postings, sourced daily, and directly from the employer websites. Most of these listings occur on the so-called hidden job market and are not selected by job boards.

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