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Must-Know Tips to Crack Your First Job Interview

how to crack first job interview

Before you get the chance to get selected for your dream job, you need to overcome a major hurdle called a job interview. Now, many can get butterflies in their stomach just by listening to the term, “job interview.” Also, your first job interview plays an important role in your career. So, how should one jump over such a problem in the first attempt? We are here to answer this. Interviews are always a nerve-racking experience. Everyone gets the jitters as far as job interviews are concerned. Relax! Here are job interview tips that will help you land your dream career.

Tips to Crack your First Job Interview

Research about the company- In a job interview, an interviewer wants to know how well you know the company. If you do not know any significant facts about the company, they might consider that you are not interested or passionate to work there. Moreover, the interviewer might consider you as a person who cannot contribute to a company’s growth and success.  It could lead to a failure or cause depression in your job interview. So, the best way to answer the questions of an interviewer is to keep the vital facts in mind and use them while replying to interview queries. This would impress the interviewer to build a positive opinion about you that could help you in cracking your first job interview.

Understand the role- One of the important job interview tips is to understand what the job role is. You should go through the job description thoroughly. Understanding the job profile before the interview will help you to understand the responsibilities that you will have on you. Also, you will get an insight into the kind of candidate they are looking for or whether you are perfect for it or not. Also, a person who has done his homework can attend the interview confidently.

tips to crack first interview

Be confident while giving an introduction- Most of the interviewer starts to interview candidates by asking one question, Tell me something about you.” And, they start observing the candidate’s confidence, communication skills, and body language when they introduce themselves. They call a candidate for an interview when they feel that the candidate is confident. But, when they find the candidate is lacking confidence, they reject him/her. So, while giving a reply to this question, you must be clear, composed, and confident. It would help you to clear your first job interview.

Do not mention any false things in your resume- There are fewer chances of you getting selected if you do not clear the interview. But you would not even get the chance if you are caught lying in a job interview. The interviewer must have interviewed many candidates before and can easily catch if you have mentioned anything wrong in your resume. So, be honest while creating your resume.

Proper dress code- One of the significant things that you must keep in mind while attending a job interview is maintaining a proper dress code. In an interview, your clothes tell a lot of things about your personality. Dressing formally shows the recruiter that you are professional and serious about the role. Thus, you must avoid wearing loud colors or funky jewelry. Furthermore, you must groom your hair and wear clean and ironed clothes while attending an interview. Most significantly, you should remember the do’s and don’ts of clothing while choosing your attire. Therefore, dress to impress when you are going to attend an interview.

Always learn new things- It is okay if you do not know certain things. But it is not right if you do not have the interest to learn new things. And it is one of the personality traits that an interviewer wants in a candidate. So, if you do not have any idea about something the interviewer asks you, show your curiosity to learn about that. It would help you to create an image of an active learner that could help you to attain success.

Body posture and etiquettes- Non-verbal communication conveys the emotional condition of someone and regulates the communication flow. For example, a confident handshake and a nod to your interviewer’s colleagues will show them how confident you are though you are nervous from inside. Also, it is recommended not to slouch on the hair or bite nails during the interview. Therefore, you must be careful about your etiquettes and the manner that you show to the interviewer.

Be on time- If you want to crack your first job interview, then be punctual. You must reach the venue on time. It creates a bad impression if you reach late for the interview. Try to reach around 10 minutes before the actual time. It is a vital step to create a good first impression.

Be confident- No matter how nervous you are, give a confident look. No company wants to hire a nervous person, as it creates a feeling of the inability of the candidate to handle different workplace situations.

Honesty matters- Be honest while answering. Lying during your job interview may backfire on you in the future. You are not supposed to know everything, so it is perfectly alright to accept it respectfully. It is better than giving a wrong answer and creating a wrong impression.

Get the interviewer’s opinion- As the interview is about to get finished, ask the interviewer about how it was and what are your chances of getting selected. But never overdo it. Asking for feedback creates a good impression on the interviewer.

Things you should not carry while going for an interview- You must keep unnecessary items at your home or in your vehicle while attending an interview. Chewing gum during an interview is distracting and considered unprofessional, so throw it before you attend the interview. If possible, do not carry your cell phone with you while attending an interview. Even if you leave it on silent or vibrate, it can be a distraction. The only items that you must carry to the interview with you are your portfolio and your vehicle’s keys.

first job interview tips

Keep practicing- There are a lot of online sources where you can find common interview questions and answers. It is necessary to study these questions and understand how you are going to answer them. Another great tool is to role-play a job interview. While many people may feel uncomfortable pretending to be at an interview, this can make the entire thing simpler. Have a friend, family member, or someone with whom you are comfortable with to practice. You should not only practice the question and answer, but you must include the introduction and conclusion too.

Stay calm during the interview. Ensure you give yourself a lot of time to make it to the interview during the allotted time. In the end, this will ease your mind. To maintain calmness during the interview, take deep breaths. This will make you feel relaxed.

Do not wander off-topic when asked a query. Keep your answers direct and to the exact point. The more you wander, the further you will drive away from replying to the actual question. You might not be able to find your way back.

Do not ask anything about job security- With the tougher economic times, most people seem to be worried about losing their jobs. Hopefully, at this point, you must have already researched to know that the position that you are applying for is viable. If you even hint at asking about the security of the position during the interview, the hiring manager could reject you.

Follow up with a thank-you note. These days, it is acceptable to follow up through an email, mainly if they are going to be deciding soon. In your letter, you can again highlight your skills and match them with the chance.

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