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10 Distinctive Job Search Websites That Dominates the Job World

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One of the most common methods for job seekers to find their dream job in 2021 is through the best job search websites. There are thousands of online job boards, apps, social media channels, aggregators, and staffing company websites to choose from.

The good news: They offer plenty of job listings.

The bad news: So many options can make you confused.

So, how, and where can you find the right role for yourself? We have researched to help you find the best job search websites. 

If you are an employer, you too should make a note of these top job sites. After all, if you want highly skilled people, you want to make it as fast and easy as possible for those people to find and apply for the open position in your organization. There cannot be a better way than posting jobs on platforms where job seekers are likely to search.

10 Best Job Search Websites

1.       Robert Half- The first in the list of best job search websites is Robert Half. On their website and mobile app, you will come across thousands of on-site, hybrid, and remote job listing from the organizations they work with around the globe. Few of the opportunities are Robert Half exclusive-so you will not see them anywhere else.

It is simple. Just upload your resume, choose temporary or full-time positions. Subscribe to job alerts to keep yourself updated on new opportunities. You can even find jobs through Robert Half by allowing employers to look for you through Robert Half Direct.

best job searching websites

This job searching platform also offers tips on career development, workplace trends, and annual salary guides for recent compensation rates for thousands of positions across the various fields they serve- everything at no cost.

2.       CareerBuilder- Serving job seekers for over 20 years, this is one of the best job search websites to find a job that matches your requirements. This job portal collects job listings from employers. It partners with different local news organizations so that they can list their local job ads in their “classified” section.

That is the reason why it is a great idea to check a few job boards- they collect data differently, so you will find different jobs posted on different job sites or job search engines.

Somebody in the industry might find LinkedIn works great for them, whereas somebody might find CareerBuilder helpful. So, it is all about testing yourself and seeing which one among the best job search websites works for you.

3.       Glassdoor- It is one of the popular job search websites that was initiated in 2008 to bring salary transparency and company reviews in front of present and prospective job seekers. At present, Glassdoor boasts around 1.3 million employers, 70 million company reviews, and 9 million job listings.

Here, people who are looking for a job can simultaneously look for open jobs and find information about the culture of the company, about the CEO, the benefits the company offers, and the salary data. This makes Glassdoor the best option for employer insights and research.

To start the search on Glassdoor, create a profile, upload your resume. You can even signup for receiving a curated list of job opportunities. You can even glance through active listings using the search bar of the website.

Clicking on each job listing will show information about the position, info about the company, ratings, and honest reviews of the company, its culture, working, environment, and CEO. Not only this job seekers can find information about salary and other benefits.

Job seekers can even visit each organization’s Glassdoor profile to read about the detailed reviews on the interview experience, which can be a game-changer for those preparing for the interview. Every job listing links to an external page where you can easily upload your materials. This job platform is free for job seekers.

4.       LinkedIn- This is one of the top job search websites. It helps you find jobs not just through direct employer listing, but also through interaction with an extended network. Your profile acts as a resume and you can easily come across and share career-related content, dig deep into thought leadership posts from renowned people in your field and ask for recommendations.

5.       Ladder- Popularly known as “the home of $100 K careers”, this job platform was discovered in 2003. It focuses on offering evaluated job listings for positions that pay around $100,000 every year. The Ladder serves as a career newsroom, job website, and networking platform. It is considered one of the best job search websites for experienced managers as it focuses on uniting job seekers to high-paying job opportunities. 

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It offers job listings for millions of sectors, including software engineering, human resources, digital marketing, industrial engineering, data science, finance from popular companies like Cigna, Morgan Stanley, and Google. Once you sign up for The Ladder, you will be asked to list the job titles of your interest. Within a fraction of seconds, you will be directed to thousands of job listings matching those titles. Some of the listings are free, whereas some need a paid subscription.

6.       Google for Jobs- Google for Jobs combine job listings from websites across the web, which makes it one of the best job search websites. Search for key phrases like “teaching jobs” and you will find a list of open positions. Results may also show company ratings and salary information for that specific position.

If you find something interesting, click the button, which says, “Apply on LinkedIn” and you will be directed to the actual source of the job listing. One of the best things about Google for Jobs is that it removes unnecessary results and shows just one listing for every position.

7.       AngelList- Initiated in 2010 as means to democratize how startups get funds and hire talent, AngelList is one of the best job search websites for startup jobs. This is one of those job search websites which is not only trusted by more than 100,000 startups of different sizes, but AngelList also offers a supreme level of transparency by offering candidates with salary and equity options.  

It caters to local and remote job seekers in the different tech sectors, like health, fintech, online publishing, and beauty.  To apply for jobs through AngelList, you must create a login and fill in all the details to complete your profile. Your AngelList profile acts as a resume. You can browse through open positions using location, time commitment, and job title.

For each job you apply to, AngelList will show you the title and name of the person who will read your resume.  It is free for job seekers and is a great way to start a conversation with new start-up founders.

8. SimplyHired- It is one of the most popular job search websites that have exceptional search functionality and customization features that allow you to save certain searches so that you can check back every week and instantly repeat your searches. You can narrow down employers by all types of things including eco-friendly culture, organizations that promote diversity, employers that tend to appoint veterans, and much more.  This feature makes it one of the popular job search websites among job seekers.

9. Facebook Job Search- It is something that not many are aware of, even after using Facebook every day. Facebook Jobs show opportunities in your area and have a button through which you can apply for a job from your Facebook profile.

10. ZipRecruiter- It started as a tool for small businesses to post job listings at an affordable price. Now, it is an online employment marketplace that makes use of AI to connect businesses of different sizes with job seekers through the web, email, and app services. You can use the mobile app of ZipRecruiter to browse and apply for jobs that match your requirements.

So, next time when you start your job hunt, follow these job search websites. They will help you to get your dream job. If you know any other website which can help in finding the right job, do let us know in the comments section.

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