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Job Interview Rescheduling: 10 Effective Ways to Do It

rescheduling of job interview

So, you applied for a job, an employer offered a job interview by reading your resume- congratulations! You have accepted that job interview and you hope you will get through it. All was set but, suddenly, something comes up for which you must reschedule your interview. But, then again, you are in a dilemma thinking is rescheduling a job interview bad? What will the employer think? Will it affect your job?

Being available on time and prepared for your job interview is important to let your prospective employer realize that you are on time, reliable, and the best in your field. But sometimes unexpected things happen in life, and in the worst case, you might need to reschedule a job interview for some unexpected reason. Of course, certain circumstances lend you to valid reasons to check that one-on-one, and there are other times when you figure a plan to ensure you clear that interview.

Is rescheduling a job interview bad or unprofessional?

While rescheduling a job interview is not a big deal, it is not necessarily unprofessional depending on your situation. If you are rescheduling the interview because of your hangover, you did not leave time for traffic, you forgot, you were unprepared, you were offered free concert tickets and you wanted to go to that instead or for any excuse along those lines, it is unethical to reschedule. However, if you must find an excuse within a reason, and you follow some courtesy tips, your employer might understand it and will not consider it wrong.

When can you reschedule an interview?

There are a few times when you might think of rescheduling a job interview. These are situations that have to do with these:

  • Your health
  • Some serious work obligation
  • Personal or family emergency

Your health is important and, if you are sick, you are not going to perform optimally and you risk infecting others, including your prospective employer. But your health can only be a reason to reschedule if you are in a difficult situation. If you are not well, for example, if you are suffering from a head cold or a migraine, you should try to attend your interview. You can ask your interviewer to excuse you for your hoarse voice, but you can get through the interview. On the other hand, if you are suffering from a serious illness or have a doctor’s appointment that cannot be rescheduled, then it is better to stay at home.

ways to reschedule a job interview

As far as work commitments are concerned, you must use your discretion. After all, you are interviewing for a new job as you have decided to leave your old one. If you are stuck traveling for work on a last-minute business trip, or for instance, you must reschedule your interview. You do not want to take the risk of delayed flights and being a no-show, which would be harsher than rescheduling.

Likewise, if you cannot get enough time off from your current work, then you must reschedule. You do not intend to burn bridges with your current role before you even have the potential for the new task. However, you should inform your prospective employer that the date of the scheduled interview is tentative until you can confirm that you have been given extra time.

 A family or personal emergency, of course, should be excused. If somebody you know met an accident or your kid broke his or her leg and you rush to the hospital, for example, your interviewer will understand that. Be reasonable when it comes to what you explain as an emergency. If it can wait, let it.

When you cannot reschedule your interview

If you are not canceling a job interview for reasons including work obligations, emergencies, or health, then you possibly should not. Here is a whole slew of times when you should not reschedule an interview:

  • You forgot.
  • You are hungover.
  • You were about to be late.
  • Some activities came up.
  • You were not prepared.
  • You cannot decide whether you want the job or not.
  • You slept.
  • Your dog destroyed your resume.

Your employer will consider you unprofessional and unreliable if you must reschedule a job interview for something that could have been avoided, could have waited, or has made you seem unconcerned in the task.

Ways to Reschedule an Interview

Finding out how to reschedule a job interview can be difficult. You do not want to come off the wrong method like you are uninterested in the position or cannot be depended on. And you are not convinced how to go about communicating with your prospective employer or interview. Here is what you can do in three steps:

  • Ensure your reason is legitimate.
  • Contact your interviewer.
  • Have a backup plan.

Based on how you have been communicating earlier, you will want to either send an email or make a call as soon as you realize that you cannot make the scheduled time. If you have been emailing back and forth and have not spoken on a call, then email is the best option. But, if you have been chatting on the phone for discussing the job and schedule your interview, then you should call to inform them you are sincere.

Fix a new interview time- Focus on the word, “reschedule”, which is distinct from being told that your interview is being canceled. In this attitude, promptly ask when you might meet with the prospective employer. Keep the positive attitude on display, even if the new job interview is set for one or two weeks in the future. Remember that you are not aware of the behind-the-scenes realities that may be forcing the need to reschedule your interview. Your flexibility can impress a potential employer.

how can you reschedule the interview

Show enthusiasm- How to reply to the rescheduling of a job interview must be as same as your response while you scheduled the initial interview. Convey enthusiasm to meet with the prospective employer at a new time. Reiterate you are interested in the position and say that you look forward to a discussion. Ask whether you should call on the day of the job interview for confirming the appointment.

Tone- The tone you display while trying to reschedule a job interview is important. Ask if it is possible to reschedule the interview. Apologize for the inconvenience that the rescheduling causes and try to be flexible with your capability to reschedule. Try to help the interviewer as much as possible with a flexible date to interview on a new day. Thank them generously for rescheduling the interview.

All these methods are important to convey the right attitude while rescheduling an interview. The interviewer will take notes about how to handle yourself during the process. You want to convey to them that you are both trustworthy and responsible, as well as that you are adaptable to work with. These skills are required for any job. Use this opportunity for rescheduling, to show that you are responsible and worth taking time to schedule a new interviewer. If it becomes obvious that rescheduling must take place, do it as fast as possible without causing any delay.

Make sure you follow up with an email to thank the interviewers again and to confirm the new location and time for the next rescheduled interview. Presenting a positive impression while rescheduling a job interview is important.

If you follow these tips, the question, “is rescheduling a job interview bad?” will not strike your mind ever again.

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