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10 Exceptional Interview Tips For Positive Results

important tips for job interview

When you attend a virtual interview, there are a few important job interview tips that you should keep in mind to make the best impression. In the current scenario, companies are moving from in-person to remote interviews, so it is important to keep yourself ready for an online interview.

According to a survey, about 80% of respondents said that their hiring process is remote, whereas 39% have started using video conferencing software like Zoom for conducting interviews.

Now, that’s good news for those who are looking for a job, as now you can attend the interview from the comfort of your home. However, a virtual interview has its challenges, mainly if you are not used to this new system. It is easy to get confused by the new technology and forget to mind the minute details that make the difference between a real interview and one that secures a job.

To increase the chances of making a good impression and clearing the interview, there are a few job interview tips that you should follow while attending a zoom interview.

List of Important Job Interview Tips

1.       Reaching the interview venue late- It is one of the most important job interview tips that should be kept in mind. As far as job interviews are concerned, if you are not coming early, it means you are late. This is true for the Zoom interviews also.

Jump on the zoom call a few minutes early, so that you do not have to be tensed about any last-minute technical issues. There cannot be anything worse than starting an interview with stress and confusion.

2.       Not testing the technologies before- When it comes to job interview tips to follow during a Zoom interview, one should be extra cautious about the technologies. Talking about technical issues, you can in real life avoid them by ensuring that you are comfortable with the software, Zoom beforehand.

Download Zoom and try to attend a practice interview before the real interview starts. Practicing before the interview is one of the vital job interview tips that everyone should practice. This way you will feel more at ease during the interview and more resilient if any other technical problems come up.

best job interview tips

3.       Failing to collect your materials- One of the most important Zoom job interview tips is to keep things you need within your reach. Once you sit in front of your computer, you must get things easily. Ensure to keep all the interview materials including resume, portfolio, references, etc., near you so that whenever asked, you can have them easily.

Though you should never drink or eat in the middle of the conversation, you must have a glass of water by your side in case of any emergency. Sometimes, nervousness can cause a dry mouth, so it is always better to sip water in the middle than to cough in the middle of the interview.

4.       Wearing the wrong outfit- Yes, in the current situation, all are comfortable staying at their homes in pajamas or sweats, but while attending a zoom interview, it is important to change your attire. It is one of those important job interview tips that many people forget to follow.

Wearing business casual attire or business attire is generally one of the best job interview tips. A sport coat, suit, or a nice sweater are the safest options. Try to match your outfit with the company’s culture, but dress up slightly, even if the company keeps it super-casual.

Keep in mind that whatever you choose to wear should show you presentable and professional on camera. It is better to avoid stripes, bright colors, and something of a similar shade as your background.

5.       Make sure you have a good internet connection and webcam- It is one of the significant job interview tips that should not be missed at any cost. If you have a new desktop or laptop, it should not be a problem. But, if the image that is shown onscreen is granulated, then better to go for a new webcam.

Even if it costs you a little more, it will be worth it. The quality of the image makes a huge difference for the person who is taking the interview. If they can see you clearly, they will feel they can connect with you.

6.       Look at the camera and not yourself- You are within the correct frame and your camera is in the right position. But now comes the unavoidable Zoom dilemma: where should I look? Yes, facing the camera in the right position is also one of the important job interview tips.

The worst thing about a video chat is most of us keep on looking at the video image of ourselves. This must be avoided at any cost. Instead of looking at your image, you should look at the camera.

If you are feeling uncomfortable doing so, then stick a smiley face near the camera. Make eye contact with that. Maintaining eye contact is one of the vital job interview tips one should follow.

It will make the other person feel that you are looking at the person while talking. When you talk this way, the person with whom you are communicating will understand that you are not distracted by anything.

If you always keep looking at the camera, you will not understand their body language and their reactions. So, it is better to practice with your friend or any family member until you can strike the correct balance between seeing at the camera and seeing the live image of the person on the opposite side.  

7.  Attending the interview in a messy area- Zoom lets you select a default background image or upload your picture, so it is possible to attend the interview amid a pile of clothes and papers. However, if you plan to go with an online background, it is a good idea to clean the area before sitting for an interview.

Why so?

According to studies, your work environment affects your mental health as well as decision-making ability. In simple language, a clean and tidy place supports peace of mind.

8. Distracting the interview with your habits- Perhaps this is the worst Zoom interview mistake one can make. One of the important job interview tips is to avoid showing through your mannerisms and behavior that you are not at all interested in what the interrogator is saying.

It is easier to do than you might imagine. Small gestures can make a huge impact. Playing with your hair or correcting your clothes, staring at your image instead of replying to the questions, checking your phone- all these can make it look like you are not interested in attending the interview.

How to attend a Zoom interview

9. Not carrying out a real conversation- Even when the job interviews are conducted in person, they can feel like interrogations sometimes. The interviewer asks a set of questions; you answer.

You ask a set of questions and the interviewer replies. The same thing goes on and on. Video technology can worsen this issue by decreasing your graphical field down to two screens and intensifying the tension with the risk of technical problems.

Try to focus on what the interviewer is saying instead of waiting for a chance to speak what you think. You will learn an important soft skill and understand the job better. Best of all, you will be able to build a positive impression on the hiring manager, which is important to get you the job.

10. Check your sound quality- Nothing can be more annoying than not being able to hear what the other person is saying and requesting them to repeat themselves. Most of the built-in microphones are not that great, so it is better to use a simple headset.

When you speak through a headset, the listener just hears your voice, clear and loud. All the nearby sounds in the environment- including echoes are reduced. A clean and direct sound can make the whole experience of listening enjoyment.

So, next time whenever you have a zoom interview, keep these job interview tips in mind. These will surely help you ace the job interview. Do let us know your Zoom interview experience in the comment section below.

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