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Looking for a new job? Use any of these best job search apps to streamline your job search. From ordering food to looking for your life partner, there is an app for everything; job search is no different. These days, looking for a job does not need searching through newspaper listings or browsing desktop sites. Instead, there are a lot of job search apps that can help you to stay connected and also help you in your job hunt, even while on the go. With the help of these best job search apps and best job search websites, you will end up having your dream job.

Are you ready to find your perfect match using the best job search apps? Here are the best apps for all job seekers. All of us are busy and our life is hectic, so we do not have much time for job searching, and we do not want to be stuck to your desktop or use your computer for job hunting. With these best apps, you don’t need to. Just like everything else in your life, job searching too has gone mobile and you can find the right job for yourself eve on the go.

It is not much you cannot do with one of the apps that connects job seekers with available positions. Most of the application procedure can be done with your tablet or phone, though it can be a bit burdensome at times. Even so, you can find and apply for jobs without even using a computer. Moving it a step further, some of the best job search apps will help you to create a resume, match you with open jobs, and apply directly through the app, saving your search time.

Now you must be thinking that with these many job searching apps, which is the one that can give job search a boost? There are several apps to choose from for both Android and iOS devices, so before making a final choice, make sure you research these apps properly.

List of Best Job Search Apps

Glassdoor- Glassdoor is known for its company reviews from the perspective of an employee. It makes sense that their app is focused on employee happiness also. The listings on this job app give you information on benefits and salaries, and you can find out more about the company’s working environment directly from present and past employees. This app also helps you to prepare for interviews by providing you “typical” questions to reply to and real interview experiences to evaluate.

LinkedIn Job Search- If you are serious about business networking, then you must be on LinkedIn. But, LinkedIn is not only a great social media tool, but it is also a powerful job search app. Once you let LinkedIn know that you are looking for a new role, it will notify you about the roles that meet your criteria and experience, as well as highlight your profile in employer searches for vacancies too. If you choose a hands-on approach to job hunting, then you can search through the roles filtered by job title, company, pay grade, and you can apply using your LinkedIn profile. Best of all, LinkedIn will also keep your job search quiet, so it won’t tip off your present employer if you do not want to disclose your search.

CareerBuilder- This is one of the best job search apps that provide job seekers with tools for every step of a job search and beyond. Users can make and save a personalized resume with just some clicks. Then, you can use your resume to apply for jobs of interest. Some alerts even inform you when your resume has been viewed and which company has viewed it. 

Job searching is easy and simple with artificial intelligence and an enhanced reality-powered app. Also, the app sends a notification about new job openings based on the job seekers’ preferences and show higher-paying jobs with info on acquiring the skills required for getting to the next level. Users can use the tools to start planning for the next move in their career.

Indeed Job search- Indeed is one of the popular and best jobs search websites, especially for the huge desktop job boards. This site allows you to upload your resume and apply for jobs that match your criteria and requirements. This app seems like a mobile extension of a desktop platform. It is search-based, making it difficult to find new positions. While using this app, you must fill in certain job-specific information to apply to some positions, including the items like portfolios, cover letters, samples, etc. This can seem to be an apprehensive procedure when you will be asked to do all this from a handheld device.

Facebook Jobs- If you ask anybody about the list of top job search websites, then the list would be incomplete without Facebook Jobs. Most of us think of Facebook as a social media channel to connect with friends, but many of us do not know that it has a huge job board also.

The job links are placed on the left side of the desktop or laptop Facebook home page, below the Explore section. You can use it through the Facebook mobile app, which is downloadable from Google Play for iTunes or Androids for the iPhones.

If you find a posting that attracts you, click the “Apply Now” button. This takes you over to the employer’s Facebook page. Click “Apply Now” again and you will see a page with your name and any of your employment or education history that you have made public on your Facebook page. You will also find a text box where you can tell about yourself in 1,000 characters or less than that. Once you hit the “Send” button, the information goes to the employer in the form of a Facebook message.

The best feature of this job searching app is its ability to send an employer a mini summary of yourself based on your Facebook profile, rather than having to create a new profile and upload a resume.

Snag A Job- This is one of the best job search apps especially for hourly employees. This app understands that the non-salary workforce requires moving fast. After importing a person’s social profile from Google or Facebook and filling up your details, browse hourly positions in your area, and click to apply. You can filter positions by schedule, job type, and total distance. This app also features a handy map function to show the location of the company. Any disadvantages? While Snag A Job has several jobs that require just a single click for applying, some need a long application procedure, and the lack of talented, salaried positions can feel restricting.

Simply Hired- Another one in the list of the best job search apps, Simply ired has a repeatedly enhancing mobile app interface. Recently. They added additional features that let job seekers sort their searches by relevance and date, in an attempt to relieve the crushing weight of unending job scrolling. Your homepage shows your recent searches and it is simple to save as well as share the jobs. Just like other job search apps, though, Simply Hired seems to have one foot on mobile and the other one on the desktop. The app is search-based, requiring job seekers to find the right jobs rather than have delivered, and the user experience seems like the web platform shrinks down to the size of a smartphone screen.

With this list of best job search apps, you can find a job that suits your requirement easily. Apart from these, have you used any other job search websites or do you know unique job search tips that will make job search simple? If so, share your answers in the comment section.

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