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Part-Time Jobs For Earning Extra Income

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Part-time jobs are one of the best ways to make some extra income from home. There are different part-time offline jobs as well as online jobs that can pay you an additional income. Most of the people who are looking for part-time jobs want something that can be done along with their full-time job for earning extra income. So first, let us find out what are the best part-time jobs that can help you to earn extra income.

List of Best Part-time Jobs

Part-Time Blogging- This is one of the best part-time jobs for those who want to earn extra income or who are looking for a highly paid online job. Students, part-time seekers, and housewives can make about Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 every month from blogging. Blogging is nothing but designing your website (paid or free) where you can write your daily experiences, ideas & tips, share your opinion or knowledge, or anything else that you think will be beneficial to the world. People will visit your blog and make money.

There are thousands of ways using which you can make money with blogging and you can choose any method as per your choice. You can earn a huge income by displaying ads on your blog, by selling affiliate products, offer consultancy, through paid membership, and sell your products, etc.

You can become a part-time blogger and earn a stable income but it may take some time to learn to blog.

best part time jobs

Online surveys- This is another part-time job that can help you to earn an extra income, wherein you can spend your free time in a relaxed way. In this job, you need to give your opinion about any product or service. Generally, surveys are important for businesses to recognize the tastes and interests of their potential clients. Before you start this job, ensure to find a reliable surveying website.

Affiliate marketing- If you are looking for part-time jobs that will make you rich, then affiliate marketing is the right option for you. There is a huge scope for earning money through affiliate marketing. There are plenty of websites that offer affiliate programs among which you can join programs of your choice and promote their products and services.

You can make around 50% by selling the advertiser’s products. And no need to worry about things like maintaining the shipment, products, and customer handling.

Online tutoring- With the accessibility of online video chat facilities through Skype, you can earn by teaching students online. Moreover, if you are a subject matter expert, you can even offer consultancy services also.

You can check the websites like Tutor India,, Wiziq, where you can become a tutor and teach online.  

Content Writer- This is one of the best part-time jobs for people who love writing. There are plenty of ways you can earn money by writing. You can check job sites like Quikr, Indeed, etc, where you can find jobs related to writing or you can even join sites like Fiverr, Lexiconn, and Upwork as freelancers and do some writing task.

If you are successful in writing, then you can make around $20 every hour with this part-time job.

Data entry or form filling- There are different types of data entry jobs available online. If you have a good typing speed and want to earn some extra part-time income, then opting for this job is the right option. As there are plenty of data entry jobs available online, you might get confused. Make sure you do thorough research before choosing any data entry job.

Play games and earn money- You might laugh by reading this heading. Yes, but the fact is that playing games can help you to earn money. For testing purposes, some gaming companies offer opportunities for people to earn money as game testers. There are plenty of websites that give rewards and money for playing games. There are great chances of earning money part-time.  

Captcha Solver- Everyone is aware of captcha. It is an image that you see at the time of creating an email or signing up for a website. It is one of the best ways to control Spam. No software can read this message. So, you must become a captcha solver, recognize the images, and type the characters so that automatic signup will be successful.

Companies pay you about $1 to $2 to solve 1000 captchas. If your typing speed is good, then you can solve around 1000 captchas in 1 to 2 hours. Compared to other part-time jobs, this one is a low paying online job and you will hardly earn Rs.5000 to Rs. 6000 every month by working on a part-time basis.

Amazon Flex- Amazon continues to provide amazing ways for people to earn extra money. You can earn about Rs. 30,000 every month or more by working for a few hours regularly with Amazon Flex.

What is Amazon Flex? It is a program that helps you earn money by delivering packages to Amazon customers in your area. You must register online and qualify too after clearing a background check.

Offline data entry- You must have heard about data entry operator jobs. Do you know that offline data entry jobs are also available?

Offline data entry involves filing information on paper forms from raw data that your employer will offer. This job also includes entering data on registers and scrolls, ledgers, and account books.

Home tutor- If you love teaching you can work as a part-time home tutor for young children in your area. If you do some research in your area, you will find at least 10 to 20 students who require someone to teach them as their parents don’t have time to teach them.  

You can become a home tutor and teach the students either at their home or yours. Before this, you must advertise about your home tuitions through mouth publicity, WhatsApp marketing, and pamphlet distribution so that more and more students know about your tuition.

best part time jobs

Network marketing- This is one of the best part-time jobs who love to work on their terms. This job has a huge earning scope, especially if the company is new and its products are good. There are many companies like Herbalife, Amway, etc, which are popular and have great products but everyone knows about these companies, so it is difficult to convince people to join your team.  You can look for companies with good products and compensation plan to earn a good salary.

Insurance agent- Though you hate follow-ups if you are good at it and you can convince people then, this is the right choice. You can become an insurance agent with companies like ICICI Prudential, LIC, HDFC Life, TATA AIG, etc. You will be paid a lifelong commission for each policy that you sell.

Translator- If you know some other language other than English, you can work as a translator. Of course, you will need a computer for doing this. But, an internet connection is not mandatory.

Domestic call center- You can even work from your home as call center executives to answer the questions of their consumers. You will find many companies that hire part-time executives for their call centers. You can refer to your local newspaper in English or any language to find openings in call centers and apply.

Part-time faculty- There are several colleges in your city that look for part-time teachers. If you are qualified and have experience in the teaching field, then you can apply as a part-time faculty member. It is a prestigious job where you get the chance to teach students.

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