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How to Make your Return to Work After Maternity Leave A Smooth Process

Are you planning to return to work after maternity leave?

No matter how many days you have taken off, getting back to work after maternity leave is not always easy.

You not only need to catch up on the work that you have missed during your leave, but you must fit into your family commitments too- not to mention you must maintain a proper work/life balance.

Here are a few tips that will help you to make the transition from full-time mother to a working mother.

  • Make the most of your support network: Do you require a helping hand when you have a tough time? Even outside of your friends’ group, there are many ways to find a best friend whom you can call for help. And often, these friends can play an important role in making you understand that you are not alone. Best friends are responsible for holding the monthly meetings with the new mother, making themselves available are always open to discuss both personal and agency problems. Even if the idea of discussing your problems with a stranger seems to be odd at first, you might feel comfortable later with their support.
  • Fix your childcare: Childcare can be costly, but, if you are working, it is an important evil. To find out a childcare service near you, check online. There are plenty of sites through which you can find the best childcare services nearby. Once you find childcare, ensure that your childcare provider is someone whom you can trust, who will take care of your children in the same way as you would do. What and how do they feed kids? What do they read to kids to make them fall asleep? Finding the right childcare will make sure you spend less time worrying about your child while working, which in turn, will keep you stress-free at work and help you concentrate better at work.
  • Do not underestimate your skills: Many mothers returning to work after a long break have the fear that they have lost the “knack of working.” Just keep in mind that if you could do it before, you can do it now also. In fact, motherhood could have made you a better worker. Now, you have new skills, like increased awareness of public services, great compassion/patience, and a better understanding regarding the young generation. Don’t be afraid to showcase your newfound attributes to your benefit- whether it is an interview situation or while you have a discussion with your manager.
  • Choose a flexible working schedule: If you are not going back to the work in a job which you already hold, you can always request for flexible hours. Flexible work timings do not always mean part-time. You can arrange the timings as per your convenience so that you can pick and drop your kids to school, or you can even work from home option. If you are interviewing, there is no need to request for flexible hours while applying for the job. Instead, you can ask indirect questions regarding contracted hours, and whether any employees are working with flexible timings. Once you are offered the job or after you work for a few months, you can make the request.
  • Take care of yourself: Remember, you are the same person who you were before you had kids-but there may be some differences when you re-join after your maternity leave. You may be temporarily weaker by taking care of your children and top of that you must be involved in a full-time job. It might take some time for you to get back your old speed and energy. However, no matter how you feel, make sure to manage some time for yourself. It might be anything like drinking a hot cup of tea or listening to your favourite music after the kids have slept.

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