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How to Draft a Resignation Letter?

So, you have decided to quit your current job. You have accepted the offer from another company. Now the only thing left is submitting your resignation letter to your current organization. Here are a few steps to write a resignation letter.

Basic steps to write a resignation letter

No need to sugarcoat or show your creative skills in the beginning; just mention the position from which you are resigning from and the date. While you may have shared the reason for leaving with your boss, you don’t have to describe them in the letter- keeping it simple is fine.

Next, it is always a great idea to thank the employer for the opportunity, defining some of the important things that you learned in the organization and enjoyed doing it. And yes, you should thank your employer even if you are excited to leave. Keep in mind, you may require these people for a reference in the future, and leaving things on a great note will benefit you.

The Hand-off

Ultimately, in the employment resignation letter, you must mention your interest to help out with the transition process. You don’t need to go into detail, but a couple of lines saying that you will ensure a smooth exit from your duties will show that you will support the organization and its people till the end.

If you are confused about how to write a resignation letter email, you can go through a resignation letter sample available online. Looking into the sample, you will get an idea of how and what to write. However, if you want to draft a resignation letter of your own, then go through these pointers.

Introduce yourself

Start your letter by mentioning your position in the company. This might seem unnecessary if the company size is small and your boss knows you personally, but as the letter is regarded as an official termination, it is significant to include. Also, mentioning an end date in the first paragraph is very important as that is the first thing your employer would want to know.

Focus on the positives

Take the time to consider your growth, or what you have liked the most in the company. Try to be as specific as possible. The employer will feel great to receive a thank you in return for the help and support they gave to you. If you want, you can mention where you are heading too also.

Offer to help in the transition

In the third para, mention that you are always available for any kind of help if required. Mention that you will give your full support for training your replacement. Also, you will ensure that all the reports are updated with the right figures. If possible, try to mention the ways you are planning to hep.

Outline your assignment

You can add an optional follow-up paragraph, briefly review the tasks you will be surrendering when you leave the company. It is your boss’s responsibility, but it will be helpful to list all the tasks and projects that you have been doing.

Provide your personal contact info

Lastly, mention, “please be in contact with me. You can email me at ………” This is optional, but if you want to keep in touch with your colleagues and employer, then it might be helpful.

You will find many resignation letter templates too online. Choose any of them and you are good to go!

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