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Office Organization Ideas That Will Transform Your Cluttered Space

Is work getting you down? It could be time to declutter. A messy workspace can make you feel overwhelmed and irritated., demotivated by your regular tasks, and unable to give your best. But there are lots of ideas that can help you to transform your desk and your mind-set too. Have a look at some of the ways to organize your office space.

You might think that you do not have enough time for organizing your office, but if you knew how much time that disorganization cost you, you would think again. Rearranging things and moving piles occasionally does not count.  Neither does clearing off your desk if you throw the mess into a dustbin or a desk drawer. A relatively net and orderly office space clears the way for high productivity and less wastage of time.

Organizing your office does not have to take too many days, as it can be done within a few minutes too. In fact, maintaining an organized office space is much more effective if you treat it like an ongoing project, rather than a massive assault. So, if you are all set to get started, try to follow these ways to organize your office space.

Ways to Organize your Office Space

Clean your office- Empty, de-clutter, shred and get rid of all those things that you do not need anymore. Look around. What are the things that you have not used in a while?

Take one area at a time. If it does not work, send it for repair or just throw it. If you have not used it for a few months and cannot think of when you will need it in the future, then throw it. This goes for things like equipment, supplies, furniture, etc. Do not forget about knick-knacks, plants (artificial or real), and various decorations- if they are covered with dust and make your office look shabby, then you have no other choice than throwing them away.

Make use of the walls– Less desk space? Start storing your things elsewhere. Utilizing your bland walls to your benefit will lessen the amount of clutter on the desk, permitting you to get on with the job in hand.

how to organize your office space

Pegboards- You can pick a pegboard. It will solve all your storage problems. There are different attachments available, including baskets, hooks, and shelves-these are perfect for storing all the things including pencils and folders too.

A string of photos– All of us like a little personalization at our workspace, but all those family pictures can very soon start to get boring. What is the solution? Hang them high. A piece of parcel string and some pegs are all that you need to make a simple, yet aesthetic photo display that matches with your workspace.

Organize the stationery supplies: –

  1. DIY desk organizer- Pens, paperclips, and pencils-it often seems there is no end to office supplies. But rather than keeping things cluttered, make a DIY desk organizer for yourself. It is much simpler than you may think and can be decorative also. You can also use painted Mason jars, empty tin cans, and you can even use toilet rolls and gather all of them together to keep your bay clean every time.
  2. Drawer separators- They are called “filing cabinets” for some reason. Whilst they are great for their intended purpose, they can also be useless for anything else. Transform yours into an organizational system that works for you with some DIY drawer separators. You can make these by using old cereal boxes. For this, you need to cut them to the size you require and make compartments in your drawers for storing all types of things.
  3. Clean those wild wires- Do you feel you are tangled between the wires? Clear the mess by using these useful hacks:
ways to organize your office space
  • Label cords- Camera, iPhone, iPad- all this technology means there are more wires on your desk. A simple labeling system will help you make it easier to identify to save a chaotic hunt every time you have to charge. How to solve it? Put the tape around the cable near the plug. This will make it easier for you to remove and fix it whenever required.
  • Binder clips- If you want to keep cables out of sight, crocodile clips could be the right answer. Count the cables, attach a similar number of binder clips to the desk’s side. Label each one by making use of a tape, the thread your wires using a metal hoop. This way, all your cables will be easy to identify when you require them, without covering the desk.
  • Cable tray- For heavy cables that you less frequently- like as those for computers, printers, and monitors, get a cable tray for yourself. They can be attached to the underside of the desk at the back, keeping the messy wires tucked away neatly.

Create an Organization Station- One of the interesting ways to organize your office space is to design an organization station of your own.  Ensure you have plenty of space on the top of your desk to read, write, and work. How you can do this? By handing organizers straight to your wall. Fix a corkboard to keep your schedule, calendar, or to-do-list in clear view and fill mason jars with your office supplies.

Hide all the wires- Out of all the wok desk organization ideas, this one is the favorite of many. With all the monitors, laptops, computer towers, internet connection, mouse, and chargers that adorn the office desk, the number of wires in front of us can instantly get out of hand.

As reducing visual clutter helps in reducing stress, hiding all these disturbing wires is important. If your desk does not have a specific place to hide them, try to use binder clips to group all of them together and keep them out of sight. As your desk is going to be the place that you need to improve productivity, it can be a rescuer to execute useful tools that have the power to keep every single desk in the office well-organized, on-brand, and looking polished and orderly.

Label each and everything- If you want to stay organized, your label maker must be your best friend. Simple things like labeling cabinets will not just help you to save your time and frustration but will restrict the number of interruptions in a day. People will stop asking you where the printer paper is a million times a day if you paste a “Printer Paper” label on the right cabinet.

Do not just limit this experiment to your desk, search deep into your computer files to take your productivity to the next level. Sort out the files by project name and archive “final” versus “draft” editions of deliverables.

DIY Cord Labels- One of the interesting ways to organize your office space is to use DIY cord labels. Has it ever happened to you that you are working on an important project when the monitor goes blank suddenly? At first, you panic, you think that your computer is damaged, and you lost your work forever. Then you remember that you can call IT to get the problem sorted. You crawl under your desk to find out what could be defined best as a cable jungle. You can avoid all these hassles by making DIY labels for the vital cords in your life. One of the simple hacks is to use colored tape to differentiate your monitor from your neighbor’s.

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