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Signs you Need a New Job, and How to Find a New One

Have a feeling of changing your current job? Everyone wants career satisfaction, so if the thought keeps on disturbing your mind, do not ignore it. Instead, look at your current situation for clues that may be of your interest in the future.

To help you, here are a few signs that you might consider while looking for a new job.

Do you need to look for a new job? Here are the warning signs.

You really don’t feel like going to work

Obviously, Mondays are boring for everyone and TGIF restlessness is a normal thing. But, if you feel less motivated every day of the week, then it is time to ask why.

You become careless

Making silly mistakes, missing your deadlines, or finding excuses not to do your work? Perhaps you have become bored with your job. You are now least bothered about it. That is the reason why you are not putting forth your best effort.

You feel you are “stuck”

People thrive on new opportunities and challenges to achieve success. If salary increases, professional development, promotions and added responsibilities do not appear to be a part in the coming days with this company, it is better to find somewhere less stagnant.

Your daily activity does not match the work for which you were hired

From time to time, virtually all the employers ask employees to perform a duty or two they would not want to do. Like for example, if you expected to work with children most of the time as a teaching assistant but rather spend hours cleaning the daycare facility, it is better to discontinue.

You feel the environment is toxic

A workplace filled with people who are busy in gossiping, arguing, back-stabbing then, it is high time to join a company with a better culture.

You experience psychological or health issues

Job dissatisfaction and the stress associated with it may cause digestive issues and headaches that can further lead to depression and irritability.

You are not able to maintain a proper work-life balance

Perhaps you are commuting for too long hours, which cuts off your free time. Or is too much workload not allowing you to sleep during the night? When 7 hours of sleep seems to be impossible or your date night gets rescheduled for multiple times in a month, find out why.

Your life situation has undergone certain changes

Even a good job does not stay the same way forever based on circumstances. Spending a huge amount of money on a work attire and travelling for two weekends in a month might have been ok when you first accepted the position, but not so much now when you have two kids. Reassess how is your professional and personal network.

How to find a new job

Before you find a new job, first try to figure out the problem. Is it your job, the company or your career?

  • Find out your preferred setup

The prospect exists that your career choice is a perfect match, but the arrangement does not fit correctly. Plenty of options exists nowadays- work-from-home opportunities, part-time, and freelancing employment, to name some.  Think which structure would be suitable in future before starting a job search.

  • Do some quality research

Searching job ads is a great way to attract awareness of what is out there, but never make it your only source of info. Communicate with people at your workplace whom you admire? Look into educational requirements and desired skills that are required for the field in which you are interested. You should be aware of the current market rate.

  • Move towards your objective

Ultimately when you get a clear picture of what you want, get ready to do your best. Update your resume that showcases your achievements. Connect with people who are in your network to inform them that you are looking for a job change. Enroll in a class or attain a certification.

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