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Things to Consider While Modifying your CV

Ok, so you made a good CV and you are all set for job hunting. That is it, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Your CV is not engraved in stone. It must be growing and changing, both with your achievements and with the roles that you are applying for. This means that tailoring it to a vacancy is important if you want to show the company that you are the best candidate, and finally get the job you want. To help you understand the significance of tailoring your resume, here is everything you must know, and tips to make your CV stand out.

Why should you modify your CV?

Tailoring your resume is important if you want to make yourself stand out to the recruiters. Not only will it show you are interested in the job, but it also helps you to represent your experience and skills in a manner that proves your sustainability. This means that the recruiters do not have to do anything hard to gauge whether you are a good candidate or not. Instead, you have already done that part for them.

Modifying your CV also provides you with the opportunity to impress during the interview. As interviewers use your resume to give them an idea of what questions to be asked, a tailored CV will mean that they are focusing on the correct elements of your experience.

how to make your cv stand out

Tips to make your CV stand out

Ok, so now you know why you need to bring a few changes in your CV. But before you start making those changes, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

It is something more than tailoring your CV- Make sure you are giving yourself enough time to apply and are not rushing the whole procedure. It is much more effective for spending more effort and time on a few applications than it is to send out fifty without too much thinking.

It is not always possible to tailor your resume- Whilst you should try to tailor your resume every time you apply for a specific job, the procedure may differ based on the situation. For instance, if you are attending a conference or a job fair, or you are applying for a job hypothetically, it might not be easy for you to make changes completely.

Which are the parts in a resume to tailor?

You do not need to tailor every single element of your resume. Just the areas that talk about your skills need to be brushed up. Here are some important sections that you must take care of:

  1. Personal statement
  2. Work history
  3. Work-related training or qualifications
  4. Skills
tips to make your cv stand out

How to modify your CV?

One of the important tips to make your CV stand out is to do a complete research about the job and the company. Try to find out what they are looking for. Social media pages, company websites, employer review sites, and blog posts are some of the best places to start. Once you have learned about their goals, values, company culture, product releases, and current projects, you will be able to change your resume accordingly, as well as use all the vital conversation starters if you are invited to attend an interview.

Focus on your personal statement

Your personal statement is the first important thing that an employer sees when they see your CV, meaning that getting it correct is important if you want them to read your resume. First, focus on covering who you are, what you offer, and what are your career goals-referring back to the job description to help you identify certain skills the employer wants.

Second, make it look unique. Anyone can tell about what they can bring to the organization using a variety of adjectives, but you want to stand out from others. This means putting emphasis on your most impressive, relevant, and interesting abilities and skills. What is the key? Use a few examples to back up your claims, but never outdo it. Sum up a few skills and experience that makes you apt for the position. But keep it as short as possible. Aim for nearly 150 words and you will be on the right track.

Find what is your USP

Job hunting is competitive. This means that for every application that you submit, you could be up against several other candidates who have the same skill set. Luckily, your USP can help you stand out from others. It can be anything like having your own blog, adding about any extracurricular activity, or any kind of volunteer work or using social media to network with others in your specific field. This is one of the tips to make your CV stand out. Of course, these skills must be relevant to the job and must emphasize your ability to carry out the job role efficiently.

For instance, people who have a blog dedicated to their field of expertise must draw the attention of the interviewer to their commercial awareness and vast knowledge on their specific subject area- along with any other special achievements. You can also include links to blogs and portfolios that not just demonstrates your skills, but also helps your CV look unique.

Make use of proactive descriptions

It is quite simple to say that you are good at something, but how about proving it? That can be a bit difficult task. To ensure that you are offering tangible examples for every skill you mention, always make use of the STAR model. Once you are aware of the “Situation”, “Task”, and “Result”, use this into a small key point, including how you attain the result, and how your actions helped you to achieve the desired result. This will assist you to communicate key points concisely and clearly within the section that talks about your job details.

Do not miss the basics

One of the most significant tips to make your CV stand out from others is to get the basic right. Along with the above points, it is important to make a resume that is concise, clear, and to-the-point. And, to make sure there are no grammar mistakes and typos, read your CV thoroughly before you submit it to the company.

Use the job description

When it comes to tailoring your resume, the job description is your savior. Use it for informing what you include in your resume, highlighting the phrases and words that the recruiter marks as vital. Whatever skills, experience, and duties you must make sure you highlight them. And, keep a backup of your skills with real-life examples.

Prioritize your skills

Once you find out what the employer is looking for, you must be able to prioritize your skills as per their requirements. Place them in such an order that your most important qualities remain first. Creating a key skill section under your personal statement is one of the best ways to show how your skills match the employer’s needs in a quick glance.

You may feel tailoring your resume as a time-consuming process, but, it is worth it. The recruiter looking at your CV wants to understand that you are a perfect fit for the role and that you are interested in fulfilling it. Not only will modifying your CV improve your suitability, but it will show your interest in the role. This means the chances of getting you shortlisted are more.  

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