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Top Highest Paying Healthcare Jobs

top healthcare jobs

We all strive for better health and the people who hold some of the jobs in our best healthcare jobs list help you to eat healthily, breathe, speak, walk, move, and see things better. They also help patients fight against diseases, injuries, and illnesses. Many of the highest paying medical jobs are among the best healthcare jobs. Physician assistants, dentists, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners are some of the best health care healthcare jobs.

List of Best Healthcare Jobs

Surgeon and Physician

The physician engages in the identification of injuries or medical illnesses. The first thing that a physician must do is to check the medical history of the patient. The information will be placed in the chart of the patient and will be updated every time the patient goes to the doctor. To diagnose the illness of the patient, the physician may ask for tests. This is done by other staff members.

When the results of the tests come in, the physician checks the reports and looks for things that may be abnormal. If he or she finds any abnormalities, the physician will create a treatment plan for the patient. During the appointment, the patient will ask any queries that he or she has about the results. The physician will also advise the patient on how he or she can become or remain healthy by discussing proper nutrition and other matters.

Surgeons are physicians. They take care of their patients by doing surgeries. They treat diseases, injuries, and any kind of deformities. The surgeon is specifically trained to use different types of instruments that were created for repairing damaged bone tissues and any kind of physical deformities. Surgeons are the ones who are responsible for doing cosmetic surgery.

Physicians may choose to work in any of the specialties. These include Ophthalmology, dermatology, gastroenterology, allergy, and cardiology. They may also become psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, internists, family physicians, and pediatricians. Surgeons may decide to become general surgeons, but they too can work with a specialty. Specialties that surgeons may choose include reconstructive surgery, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurological surgery.


This is one of the best healthcare jobs that pay well. Dentists find and treat issues concerning a patient’s gums, mouth, and teeth. Their responsibilities include extracting teeth, filling cavities, and fitting dentures. Some dentists choose to specialize in areas that range from treating oral problems and diseases to straightening teeth and doing oral surgeries. They are helped by dental hygienists, who help in cleaning a patient’s teeth, and by dental assistants, who usually help with record-keeping and instrument disinfection.

Many people fear the dentist. When they open the mouth wide, they are afraid of thinking about what the dentist will find. Another cavity?  Or it is time for a root canal?

top healthcare jobs


Podiatrists are ones who offer medical care for the ankles, feet, and lower legs. They also perform surgery on these parts. They diagnose diseases in these areas and treat them.

They examine the ankles, feet, and lower legs by taking the history of the patient. Then, the podiatrist performs an examination. During the study, the podiatrist may take X-rays, several laboratory tests, and check the areas that have problems. The treatments podiatrists suggest may be done by orthotics that assist the patient move his or her feet better.

Podiatrists may be the first one to learn that a patient is at risk of vascular disease or diabetes. In this case, the podiatrist will refer the patient to a physician for treating diabetes. They must spend a lot of time treating patients diagnosed with diabetes. Podiatrists perform surgery on the feet. They may need to remove bone spurs or repair fractures. They may also perform surgery on the feet and ankles for treating any kind of deformities. Podiatrists treat various other foot ailments, including heel spurs, toenails, arthritis, congenital deformities, and ingrown toenails.

Podiatrists teach their patients how to care for their feet and teach them about general wellness methods. When it is necessary, they prescribe medicines for the patients.

Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with extra education. Extra schooling lets these professionals take the histories of patients, perform examinations, review lab results, prescribe medications, allow treatments, and educate patients on proper care.

Nurse practitioners, also known as advanced practice registered nurses, specify by patient population, training to work in areas like pediatrics or women’s health. They may also work in academia or research.


Orthodontists are dental experts who fix problems related to teeth. They check the patient’s mouths and jaws to design an orthodontic program for the two-fold purpose of assisting patients to attain and maintain the right function jaws while also making their smile perfect.

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work closely with doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. Their main responsibility is to check the patient’s medical histories. They can even order diagnostic tests, and they can also interpret them.

Some of the treatments offered by a physician assistant include setting up the broken bones and giving patients the immunizations that they require.

Physician assistants can explain what parents must know about caring for a child with a particular injury or illness.  They can even prescribe medicines and ensure that the patient is receiving the best care. Physician assistants are the ones who participate in outreach programs. They form a part of various areas of medical care, like the emergency room, doctor’s office, the operating room, and psychiatric care. A physician assistant may even be provided the duty of closing a patient’s incision after surgery. They can even examine kids and give them vaccinations.

Physical Therapist

It is also one of the popular and best healthcare jobs. The main responsibility of a physical therapist is to improve a patient’s capability to move. If there are problems with pain, the physical therapist will assist the patient to handle it. Physical therapists usually work with patients in rehabilitation facilities. Also, they help people diagnosed with injuries or chronic illnesses.

physical therapist best healthcare job

The physical therapist’s patients are people of all ages. They may have functional problems associated with injuries to their necks and backs. Many other people need the services of a physical therapist and they include people suffering from strains, arthritis, amputations, and sprains. They may also treat people suffering from fractures, neurological disorders, and work or sports injuries. Patients suffering from cerebral palsy or stroke may also need to consult a physical therapist.

A physical therapist is trained in reading notes from doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. They review the medical histories of patients and diagnose the abilities of their patients to move by observation, but they may use other methods too.  After they have checked their patients’ conditions, they can formulate a treatment plan that lists the objectives and outcomes that physical therapists hope to achieve.

Physical therapists provide information about different exercises that will ease their pain. They also make use of hands-on therapy that increases the patient’s capability to move and avoids the chances of additional pain or injury. As time passes by, the physical therapist checks the patient’s progress so that adjustments can be made to ensure that the patient’s condition improves.

A physical therapist can specialize in one specific area of care. For instance, some chose to go into geriatric or orthopedic care. They may even specialize in physical therapy and treat people suffering from a stroke.

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