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Why Grammarly is the Best Tool for Writers

grammarly for writers

Bloggers and freelance writers very well know the significance of checking their content for any error. There are several aspects of writing. These are creative content writing, using figurative language, grammar, a group of thoughts, to name some. While grammar is important while writing, it is just the vehicle that writers use to make their content readable and to enhance communication. In simple language, Grammarly is the best friend of all writers. Still not convinced.  Here are a few reasons why you should use Grammarly.

Grammarly offers a lot of features that are helpful in editing a writing piece, whether it be a social media post, a novel, or an assignment.

How does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly scans the document for any mistake, including punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes. However, what makes it the best friend of a writer is its array of advanced AI products that provide better results compared to other editing tools, like the one that comes with Microsoft Word. No matter wherever you can use Grammarly. However, users must be connected to the internet so that it can identify the mistakes. Once it identifies the mistakes, it informs the user about the steps that can be taken to improve the writing style. It is up to the owner of the document whether he or she wants to follow the advice.

Using Grammarly can help you in various writing tasks like:

  • Proofreading the structure of sentences and spelling of your content when you write
  • Finding spelling errors and correcting the occasional errors that you may have missed
  • Acts as a grammar checker that fixes common grammar errors
  • It is also great for finding incorrect verb agreement and usage of subject-verb

This tool is not only a spell checker but helps with correct word choice. It acts as professional writing assistance and helps with punctuation and grammar too.

Whether you are working in the journalism field, or writing a blog, an academic paper, or a white paper, it is significant to find some time-saving tools that will help you to edit your writing easily and quickly. This way you can focus only on your content, rather than focusing on punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Why You Should Use Grammarly

Grammarly offers a free tool that allows the users to have an AI smart editor always with you. The basic editor is free of cost. However, to enjoy its full features, you must upgrade to the premium version. While the premium spell checker is perfect for anyone who writes a lot, the free version is a great spellchecker tool for anyone who is looking for speedy online proofreading of their content and not ready to spend money for the premium version.

grammarly for writers

How to Use Grammarly

Ease of use

Using Grammarly is quite easy and simple. It can be easily installed in browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari so that it checks your writing automatically. For instance, it can show mistakes on emails and forms as you write in the browser. Using this extension, people can enjoy the free services of Grammarly including word choice and grammatical correction. They can even find the definition of a word by double-clicking the respective word. For unsupported browsers, this software comes with a web editor where people can check their articles. For this, they must register and open an account in This is free too.

Chrome extension

Using the Grammarly extension is one of the easiest ways to keep Grammarly always with you. If you are signed in to your Google account in any browser, you will find the Grammarly editor appearing automatically within the document. Click on this and it will redirect you to the Grammarly editor to make the corrections. To enable Grammarly for Chrome, sign in to your Google account. Enable Grammarly for Google Chrome. When you sign in to your Grammarly account for the first time, you can download the application for Chrome. Whether you are using this tool as a web extension or add-on software, the benefits are mostly the same. With each grammar mistake found, this tool will correct it automatically or recommend a correction. Just click on the recommendation and it will get automatically copy-pasted on the document.

Plagiarism check

You can go to the settings of Grammarly to find the plagiarism option. Turn it on to enable the plagiarism check. Once you enable it, it will run a plagiarism check which will check for similar words online and provide the result. While there are natural resemblances in words between web writers, you want to ensure that your writing does not copy any text or idea of other writers. If Google finds your copy as duplicate, they may penalize you. So, if you are running a blog, you must be original in your writings and thoughts.

Grammarly keyboard

For those who want a personal editor while writing, Grammarly includes a keyboard app for smartphones. It is available on iOS and Android, which makes it appropriate, as many people use their phones to send emails and write essays using their iPads. The best thing about Grammarly is it is totally free. Anyone can have their writings proofread anywhere with just the Grammarly keyboard. It has similar services that the free version of the web editor extension and native apps have. This means it can also fix grammatical and spelling mistakes while offering suggestions. Overall, it is a great app for basic proofreading.

Grammarly for MS Office

If you use Office 365 or MS Office, installing Grammarly for MS Office will allow you to make use of its tools on your MS Office projects. This includes Excel, MS Word, and PowerPoint. This is a vital tool to use for your MS Office projects to ensure that your presentations are of the highest quality before presenting them.

use grammarly for finding mistakes

English dialects

Grammarly can switch between British and American English, which allows it to detect spelling mistakes accurately. This tool also supports Australian and Canadian English. It is apt for English speakers outside the USA who may be writing “flavor” with a “u.” This also makes it simpler for freelance writers who may be asked to write in a different dialect by their client. All they need to do is sign in to their Grammarly account and go to the Profile tab. After this, they can choose the option, “Select language.”

Article improvements

By correcting each mistake and giving useful suggestions on how the writing can be improved, Grammarly can improve the entire writing. This makes it worthwhile for college students who are working on their thesis, writers who are writing their next novel, and editors whose work is to edit copies.

However, it is significant to note that Grammarly works on the technical side. The flow’s quality and overall thought depend on the writer. Still, finding mistakes can enhance the reading experience. It also makes it simple for people to rectify mistakes themselves.

Spell checker

Sometimes, a writer may use a word incorrectly, but still, it has the right spelling. Even so, Grammarly considers this as a mistake. For instance, “to” and “too” are most often confused with each other. Switching them by mistake is also a common error, even among experienced writers. In such cases where a correctly spelled word does not fit in the context, Grammarly still can identify and suggest a remedy for it. This is so because this tool analyzes the context before identifying a spelling error. This is applicable to words like “loose” and “lose”’ “effect” and “affect” etc.

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