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Why is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option

digital marketing career option

So, do you want to become a digital marketer? You will be happy to know that there are many career opportunities in Digital Marketing.

Every year, thousands of new sites are made, and millions are updated. Do you know who optimizes their SEO strategy? Who brings these websites in the top position of the Google search engine? Digital Marketers!

By now you must have understood that your role as a digital marketer is quite important. Your customers will not be able to see the websites if they are not ranked on Google. And even if it appears in Google, but does not rank high enough, the effort will be a waste.

 This is so because unless you are a data scientist or a data hunter, most people look at the first three pages. Some even check only the first two results. This means that if your site is on Page 4, you may not get as many audiences as you may want.

All of us the internet is growing day by day. It offers solutions to almost everything. But there are a few people who know how it works. The key to that is digital marketing. In the current scenario, companies, education institutes are taking the help of online marketing to manage their business service. Being a fresher if you want to know about the various career opportunities in Digital Marketing, you are in the right place.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before we jump into the hottest career opportunities in Digital Marketing, let us first find out what it is.

Digital Marketing incorporates all types of online marketing efforts that include the use of the Internet and electronic tools. Online marketing accomplishes that through leveraging search engines, social media marketing, email marketing, and connecting to other sites.

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is becoming a good career option for freshers

The demand for digital marketing professionals has been increased by the growth of internet usage. Today, every business wants to learn “How to set up a business online” which has led to fast growth in online marketing.

As digital marketing is growing at a fast pace, the demand for people with a digital marketing career is also rising. The average salary paid to online marketing professionals is quite high as per the industry standards.

Since this industry is becoming an extended arm of the marketing division of every firm, there is going to be a rise in demand for digital marketing professionals, therefore leading to a better career path with better salaries. Also, digital marketing is a distinct career option that has a place for everyone who is willing to try something creative and unique.

best digital marketing career option

Digital marketing can be done using various methods, including search engine optimization, paid ads, email marketing, and social media marketing. There are plenty of digital marketing jobs that offer career growth as well as a good salary. Now, let us see why you should choose a career in digital marketing.

Unlimited career options

The most interesting part about having an online marketing course is that it will not limit you to a specific job. Within one digital marketing course, you will find multiple job profiles. You can either be an online marketer who is an email marketing specialist or someone who is good with social media marketing.

There is immense scope in the field of digital marketing. And you can choose as per your interest. Suppose you love to spend time on social media, then you can either choose a career in social media marketing or specifically in Instagram or Facebook marketing.

Anyone can pursue digital marketing

As we know that most of the professions in the world are dictated by the stream which we choose in the 11th grade. Suppose you choose commerce, then you will end up doing a BBA, MBA, or B. Com and will get into business or marketing. Someone with an arts background is likely to select the world of academia and likewise, a science student will choose medical or engineering. Basically, a regular course restricts the career choice and the student may not get the right exposure as per their capabilities.

However, this is not the case with Digital Marketing. It is meant for everyone. Anybody can choose this field for their digital marketing specialist career. There are no specific criteria to become a digital marketing professional. No matter whether you are a B. Com graduate or have an engineering background, you can pursue a digital marketing career. Thus, it is an amazing career option for people, especially freshers.

Career Scope

When it comes to choosing a career option, the career scope is a great determining factor. Nobody wants to end up with a career that has no scope or can become obsolete in the future. Right? Now, that is where the digital marketing course comes into the picture as undoubtedly, this profession is going to stay for a long period. Gone are the days when people were involved in door to door marketing. Therefore, as a fresher, you will have a successful life with digital marketing.

Work flexibility

As a professional course, digital marketing has a huge fan following because of the immense work facilities it provides. Because of the nature of this profession, you have the freedom to complete your job from anywhere in this world. It is not mandatory to be present physically all the time. The amazing work flexibility is important for a fresher to maintain a work-life balance.

Freelancing opportunities

In the field of online marketing, a fresher will have a lot of freelancing opportunities. Whether you are studying in college, looking for a job, or want to change your career, digital marketing is the perfect option. It allows you to work as per your own timings.

Best salary in the industry

As there is a huge demand for digital marketers in the market, the standard salary package is quite high for freshers. You can say it is even better than IT freshers with so much workload. All you need to do is choose the right digital marketing institute after thorough research to get the best of your knowledge and skills.

 Skill development

If you believe that digital marketing is about buying and selling, then you are mistaken. It uses three main factors including creativity, analysis, and research to handle the company value selling procedure on different digital platforms. Learning online marketing will improve your skill sets and at the same time will make your resume worth much more. However, it is important to choose the right Digital Marketing training institute for efficient learning skills.

Time and cost-effective

Well! Many of you might get surprised to know that a professional course like Digital Marketing is cost-effective, irrespective of where you are undergoing the training. Unlike other professional courses like MBA, Law, etc, it is one of the cheapest career options. On average, it takes nearly 6 to 8 months to achieve a digital marketing certification. This means that you can start your career within 6 to 8 months of completing the digital marketing course.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager- Do not get tensed by hearing the title “Manager.” While online marketing managers are senior or highly skilled members of a Digital Marketing Team, even they had started their career from somewhere. Project managers have an important role to play in the implementation and managing a company’s digital campaigns. It is they who are responsible for mapping a project, assigning a timeline to it, setting its milestones, maintaining the budget of a project, and many other things. This job is high in demand. Managers must have good communication and collaboration skills.

Content Strategist- Of course, Digital Marketing teams in a company work closely with content writers. Content writers are the ones who are given the responsibility to incorporate keywords and create content that engages the readers. However, they are led by a content strategist. In short, every aspect of content writing and even marketing a similar content falls under the responsibility of a content strategist. He/she must find out the target audience, trending topics, do content analysis, renovate blogs, create a content calendar, and finally drive traffic to a company’s website. As a content strategist, you must have a firm grasp of SEO and writing skills.

Virtual Reality Developer- Virtual Reality or VR products are in their infancy currently and have a lot of scope for growth. However, this line of work is quite popular. Many companies are investing in Virtual Reality for their online marketing campaigns. As you can understand, this is a high-level technical job that is perfect for those with backgrounds in arts or technology.

Many of you might be thinking that how is VR related to digital marketing? That is an important question.

VR is set to influence and disrupt every current industry sector that reaches out to millennials. Today’s generation desires experiences over the products, which is what VR can offer. A fresher may not be apt for a VR developer role. However, with proper training, a fresher can start his/her career in the Virtual Reality field.

SEO and SEM specialist- If you want to bring traffic to your websites, these are the roles that you must focus on. As an SEO or SEM expert, you must ensure that a website ranks high and gets enough traffic. Search engine metrics keep on changing, so as an SEO or SEM professional, you must keep yourself updated with these tactics that bring results.

UX designer- This might surprise you. After all, how can a UX designer help in SEO? The simple answer is, by supporting. Have you ever thought why graphic designers work closely with the SEO team? For promoting content and other stuff, graphics are required. Similarly, if you want people to stay on your website for a long period, then you need to have an improved user experience design.  

It is the design which helps the visitors decide whether they want to stay or leave the site. As traffic funnels and content are important, a good UX design also plays a significant role.

Social Media Marketer- Social media is considered a goldmine from which companies can find new customers and keep the existing ones engaged. On social media, companies can get loyal followers and create brand awareness too. Social media is a collection of the leading platform. No wonder why every digital marketing company is looking for social media marketers. As a social media marketer, you will be asked to create multiple campaigns to attract and engage both new and current customers. As you can see, there is no shortage of career opportunities in digital marketing. All you need is the skills for which companies will appoint you.

Data Analysts- Without data, just a few things can work. A digital marketing campaign is also similar. Let us say that you are marketing some of your company’s products. You must be having an idea about the people whom you want to sell, but that data is still not enough.

In this case, you might spend all your marketing money but still may not receive a profit. Why so? Because starting an online campaign without sufficient data is a waste. Data analysts deal with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. They collect data from different categories, sources, and then analyze them. As a data analyst, you will have to create systems to organize and then study the data. This will finally assist the company in data interpretation and its final application in its online marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Specialist- Do you feel satisfied when someone opens and reads your emails? When someone sends mail to you or subscribe to your newsletters, do you feel happy? If yes, then you the quality to become an email marketing specialist.

right career option for online marketing

As an email marketing expert, you will be responsible for creating and launching several email campaigns. This shall be in addition to preserving an extensive database and lists consisting of customer information. As an email marketing expert, you must have persuasive writing and editing skills. Having copywriting skills is a plus as you must influence your readers also.

Who is best suitable for a career in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is growing at a rapid rate.  As more and more channels of communication are evolving, the need for experienced people is also increasing. The kind of person suitable for a digital marketing career is someone who possesses few personality qualities. These are:

  • Passionate- The person has an innate curiosity and has a desire to create.
  • Innovative- A person who can think out-of-the-box and who can come up with innovative ways to reach customers
  • Patient- Someone who is new in the digital marketing field must understand that it is sometimes a trial-by-error procedure. They must have enough patience with themselves and the process too.
  • Listening skills- Successful digital marketers understand the significance of listening to what their audiences say and what they do not say, for the purpose of establishing trusting relationships and trustworthiness.
  • Intuitive- Those who make a rewarding career in digital marketing tend to intuitively understand, over time, what their audiences want, and they try to deliver it to them.

What is the Future of a Digital Marketer?

The economy in the digital sector is growing at a fast rate. This rate of phenomenal growth and change signifies that the demand for knowledgeable, experienced online marketing professionals is surpassing the existing supply. Whenever the demand surpasses the supply, there is a certain measure of job security.

Nobody wants to go back to the old days and use old ways of doing business. A digital revolution is upon us. Technology continues to advance, enhance, and evolve at a mind-numbing speed.

As more businesses demand to stay competitive and relevant in the digital marketplace, the higher the demand will be for experienced and qualified digital marketing experts. Digital marketing is a great career option for anyone who wants to work on the cutting edge of this technological transformation.

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