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What Are the Different Career Options in Journalism?

In today’s world of technology and communication, people round the clock want to keep themselves abreast of the recent changes and developments that are happening around them.

What is Journalism?

It is the objective of Journalism to spread info about all the relevant happening in the world. Radio, television, newspapers and now the new media, the internet has totally revolutionized the way news used to be earlier aired. Journalists have a very important role in this practice.

Today, journalism as a career stands not only for a respected profession but for those who are looking for a challenging career, this is a great option. Journalists play a vital role in a nation’s growth. The main objective of journalism is to educate, inform, and enlighten people on different issues.

As the new world has verified the saying that “the pen and camera are mightier than the sword, various opportunities for journalists have been offered across the globe.

Today, straightforward reporting of the events is no more enough, more professionalism and specialization in journalistic practices are being needed. Therefore, these days, an aspiring journalist specializes in various areas, like finance, economics, politics etc.

Career Options in Print Media

  • Special Reporter/ Correspondent- To be a reporter for a specific purpose, you must have a thorough knowledge in a certain field like sports, politics etc. You could also read between the lines and define the news based on your understanding.
  • Reporter- As a reporter of a magazine, newspaper, television or radio, news agency, your job responsibility will include reporting with clarity, accuracy, and speed. The intelligence to differentiate a story and objectivity will be very vital in this role.
  • Proofreader- A proof reader’s job is to calculate and compare proofs with an edited copy. For this job, you must possess skills in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Feature Writer- The job of a Feature writer is to write in-depth stories and observation on different topics.
  • Editor- Editor is an important person whose responsibility is to ensure the continuity and uniformity of the print media. An editor presents the newspaper in an attractive way.
  • Critic- To be a critic, you must have to experience and knowledgeable. No matter whichever is the field, one must have a comprehensive knowledge of that.
  • Cartoonist- If you want to be a cartoonist you must be artistic and humorous so that your work gets recognition. A cartoonist comments on public personalities and other happenings in a humorous way.
  • Photo Journalist- To become a successful photojournalist or visual reporter, one must be quick in taking pictures which depicts a story. The person must be ready to work in difficult conditions too. In addition, he or she must have good writing skills to write catchy captions.

Career Options in Electronic Media

  • Broadcast reporters- A broadcast reporter must have excellent presentation and communication skills along with an eye for news.
  • News presenters- Good command over speech, good communication skills, language and diction, good communication skills, general knowledge and the capability to be calm and composed in difficult conditions are the requirements for this job. In addition, as a presenter, you must control your words with good facial expression in order to maintain the tone of the news.

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