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Benefits of Working with a Standing Desk

Not sure for what purpose you can use a standing desk? We will help you out….

For most of us, sitting down for long periods every day is an unavoidable part of our professions. But if done with the correct breaks, this can continue to different health issues. And whilst standing for your full shift might not be an option, there may be some vital ways to counteract the dangers and finally improve your health.

To help you note the positive effects, here are a few benefits of having a standing desk:

It lessens the risk of obesity

It is no secret that sitting for a long period of time is not great for your health- and the problem worsens when you keep on consuming more calories than you burn. And with maximum office goers addicted to regular snacking, staying healthy at your workplace can seem like an impossible task. But what if we tell you that standing still can help you to burn calories? Well, you read right. In fact, working at a standing desk would mean you would be getting rid of nearly 50 more calories every hour that you would if you were sitting. That comes to 750 calories in a week, and 30,000 calories in a year. It is sort of going to the gym.

It reduces back pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems people face while working in the office. It has been noted that maximum people spend their day sitting in front of the screen.  Especially if you are an office worker, you are possibly familiar with those pains and aches you feel after a long day at work. Maybe even more so than a mild work-out session. Not making sense, right? You are wrong. Sitting for long hours increases the risk of lounging in your chair, arching back, and bending the neck, resulting in weak muscles, bad posture, and much more. Studies have proved that the use of a standing desk in combination with sitting can reduce the upper neck and back pain by more than 50%. Just ensure that you refrain from leaning on the window frames/ desks/ or the nearest colleague.

It makes you less vulnerable to heart disease

Moving around is good for your heart. Several studies dating back to the 1950s show that those who sit for the long-time period are more prone to suffer from heart diseases compared to those who are more active in their day-to-day life. In fact, people who sit maximum time are twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. However, this does not mean that you should stand the whole day. The important thing required for maintaining good health condition at work is about moderation. So, follow the benefits of standing and sitting, alternating between both through your shift. After all, standing for at least three hours in a day is practically like running ten marathons in a year.

It decreases blood sugar levels

Have you ever felt sleepy in office? Thanks to the delicious lunch. The moment you feel sleepy, stand up. Because the blood sugar level increases after a meal, it is especially important to stay active after eating, in addition to regular breaks that you take in the entire day.

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